Every stage of the vineyard’s development is important to Mario, from its preparation for planting to the careful management of the vines and continued health of the soil in preparation for a successful harvest. Each vineyard farmed by Mario is different but more importantly many blocks within a vineyard are also different. Mario skillfully employs a whole host of clones, rootstocks, canopy systems, pruning protocols, irrigation regimens and many other components of vineyard management tailored to each individual block engendering the expression of the vineyard’s true personality.

The family vineyard is designed and farmed with great care for soil and plant health. In conjunction with local conservation efforts, sustainable compost and cover crop is applied in the vineyard complemented by a beneficial insect hedgerow to the delight of local honeybees especially. Vineyard prunings are also mulched and returned to the soil. With their boys Antonio and Alexander running alongside the roosters and their loyal dog throughout the vineyard, the heart of Mario Bazán Cellars’ wines is truly a family treasure.

Located on Monticello Rd (Hwy121), and nestled into the Atlas peak foothills, the vineyard sits at approximately 80 feet above sea level on 1.25 acres planted to Cabernet Sauvignon vines.  The climate in this part of the valley is moderate, with warm days and cool evenings, which allows for that much sought-after slow ripening of the berries.  In addition, the shallow soil base in the vineyard provokes a gentle stressing of the vines, which results in smaller grapes with better concentration of color and flavor, both very desirable factors for the growing of premium wine grapes.