The Label

Long before the bottling of the premier release 2005 Mario Bazán Cabernet Sauvignon, both Gloria and Mario sat down with noted wine label designer and artist Chanda Williams of San Francisco to design a label that would be both indicative of the wine’s elegance and reflective of Mario’s remarkable background.  The resulting logo is expressive of Mario’s history, the goals of the winery and the beautiful family legacy cultivated in the vineyard.

The Bazán logo is inspired by two of the most common elements – birds and flowers – in the traditional costume worn by the Oaxacan women. Many of Oaxaca’s towns identify themselves with migratory birds and wild flowers that are reflected in traditional art and design of the region. Mario too identifies as an immigrant who left his hometown looking for opportunity and a better life. It was in the United States that Mario grew and earned success both personally and professionally.

His life before arriving in the Napa Valley is reflected in the watermark as well as the natural color palate of the label. The colors come from the Oaxacan town of Mario’s youth consisting of adobe houses, with off white plastered walls and vibrant terracotta tile roofs.

Further capturing Mario’s history, the font is inspired by Old Spanish manuscripts dating back to the 12th century to the origin of the surname, Bazán. Such strong roots represent the solid presence Mario has gained over the four decades he has spent in the Napa Valley following his dreams.